AIMPE Election notices 

(updated 17 10 17)

Post Election Reports

Members are advised that after each election conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission, AIMPE receives a post election report on the conduct of the election. A copy of each post election report may be obtained from AIMPE.

Contact your Branch Secretary or the Federal Secretary

West Australia Branch 2018 elections

(10 01 18)

West Australia Branch members are advised that the Australian Electoral Commission is conducting

an election for Branch President and Ordinary Member of Federal Council (1) positions.

The Election Notice has been supplied by the AEC and can be access by clicking on the following link:

IE03ENotice_-_AWABR_-_E2017.235_for_On_Watch.pdf IE03ENotice_-_AWABR_-_E2017.235_for_On_Watch.pdf (302.05 KB Wed Jan 10 17:04:58 2018)

 Nomination forms for the above election can be found here:

IE04NomForm_-_AWABR_-_E2017.235.pdf IE04NomForm_-_AWABR_-_E2017.235.pdf (360.29 KB Wed Jan 10 17:06:22 2018)

Federal Executive 2017 elections

(updated 20 06 17)

The Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers Election of Federal Executive E2016/294

Officials from the Australian Electoral Commission conducted the annual election for members of the AIMPE Federal Executive


Officials from the

Australian Electoral Commission[l.]

conducted the annual elections

for positions on the

AIMPE Federal Executive

Declaration of Results for Uncontested Offices
Below are the results of the election for the following offices, conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and the rules of the organisation.
Federal Council
Federal President  
Candidates SNEE, Terry  
Vice President (3)
Candidates MACLUCAS, Derek  TOOHEY, Peter  WOOLLEY, Montgomery  
 Federal Treasurer  
Candidates BYRNE, Martin  
 Senior Vice - President  
Candidates TOOHEY, Peter   
As the number of nominations accepted did not exceed the number of positions to be filled, I declare the above candidates elected.
Noopur Madan Returning Officer 14 June 2017


To see the Declaration please follow this link:

Declaration_of_Results_for_uncontested_offices_-_E2016-294.pdf Declaration_of_Results_for_uncontested_offices_-_E2016-294.pdf (23.78 KB Tue Jun 20 10:23:50 2017)



NSW District 2017 elections

(21 11 17)

A ballot is required and is currently being conducted for the District Executive positions of;




Vice President; and

Assistant Secretary.

As this election is for the NSW District it is not conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Instead it will be conducted by an independent Returning Officer approved by the Industrial Commission of NSW.

Here is a copy of the Election Notice for the NSW District elections:

AIMPE2017Notice.pdf AIMPE2017Notice.pdf (27.51 KB Tue Nov 21 09:04:03 2017)

If a ballot for any position is required, eligible members of the District will get a ballot paper in the post.

The NSW District includes all of NSW and the ACT so financial members of the Sydney and Newcastle Branches are all members of the NSW District.

Sydney Branch 2017 elections

(17 10 17)

The Returning Officer from the Australian Electoral Commission has issued the Declaration of Results of th election for Sydney Branch Executive positions and for Ordinary Members of Federan Council.

The Declaration can be found here:

Declaration_of_Result_AIMPE_E2017-81.pdf Declaration_of_Result_AIMPE_E2017-81.pdf (81.81 KB Tue Oct 17 11:40:00 2017)

After each election the Returning Officer is also required to issue a Post Election Report.

Once the Post Election Report is received it will be uploaded to this section of the website.

(24 08 17)

All Sydney Branch positions are due to come up for re-election in the second half of 2017.

The Branch has had detailed correspondence with the Fair Work Commission [prior to the establishment of the Registered Organisations Commission on 1st May 2017] about the problem of having the current terms of office expire on three different dates.

The Fair Work Commission strongly recommended that only one election process should be conducted and that this would bring the dates all back into alignment.

This was accepted by all current office holders.

The FWC then appointed the Australian Electoral Commission to conduct the elections.

The positions to be elected are as follows:

Branch President    

Branch Secretary    

Branch Treasurer    

Ordinary Members of Federal Council (2)             

The Election Notice was published in the May 2017 edition of On Watch.

Victoria Tasmania Branch 2017 Elections

(updated 26 09 17)

The Australian Electoral Commission has provided a Post Election Report regarding the recent election for the position of Branch President for the Victoria Tasmania Branch.

The Post Election Report can be found here:

E2017-138_AIMPE_Post_Election__Report.pdf E2017-138_AIMPE_Post_Election__Report.pdf (296.38 KB Tue Sep 26 17:11:42 2017)

AIMPE is required to provide a response to the Post Election Report and will do so in due course.

Below is an extract from the AEC's Post Election Report where the AEC identifies a rule that it feels

was difficult to interpret or apply. (Uploaded 27 09 17)

(posted 12 09 17)

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared the result of the election for the position of Branch President for the Victoria Tasmania Branch.

The result is that Russell Rickards has been elected unopposed.