AIMPE Election notices  (updated 18 01 17)

Post Election Reports

Members are advised that after each election conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission, AIMPE receives a post election report on the conduct of the election. A copy of each post election report may be obtained from AIMPE. Contact your Branch Secretary or the Federal Secretary

Federal Executive 2016 elections

Completed Election

The Federal Executive election results can be viewed here: post_election_report.pdf post_election_report.pdf

Victoria Tasmania Branch 2016 Elections


Completed Election

(posted 23 11 16)

The Victoria Tasmania Branch election results can be viewed hereDeclaration_of_Result_Uncontested_Election_-_E2016-151_AIMPE_-.pdf Declaration_of_Result_Uncontested_Election_-_E2016-151_AIMPE_-.pdf (34.92 KB)

Newcastle Branch 2016 elections

Completed Election

(posted 15 12 16)

The Newcastle Branch election results can be viewed here: Declaration_of_Result_AIMPE_Newcastle_Branch_Elections_2016.pdf Declaration_of_Result_AIMPE_Newcastle_Branch_Elections_2016.pdf (73.71 KB)

Completed Election

Election notice for the  Newcastle Branch secretary election can be downloaded here:Newcastle Secretary election 2016 Newcastle Secretary election 2016 (83.31 KB)

Queensland Branch 2016 elections


Completed Election

Queensland Branch election results here: qld_april_2016_declaration_of_results.pdf qld_april_2016_declaration_of_results.pdf (103.55 KB)


South Australia Branch 2016 elections

 Completed Election

(posted 18 01 17)

The results of the SA Branch 2016 election for Branch Executive and Ordinary Memberof Federal Council can be found here:

E2016-198_AIMPE_Schedule_Vac_Declaration_of_Results_Jan_2017.pdf E2016-198_AIMPE_Schedule_Vac_Declaration_of_Results_Jan_2017.pdf (189.37 KB Wed Jan 18 12:50:55 2017)

West Australia Branch 2016 elections


Completed Election

The result of the ballot for WA Branch Treasurer is available here:  declaration_of_uncontested_ballot_wa_treasurer_june_2016.pdf declaration_of_uncontested_ballot_wa_treasurer_june_2016.pdf (21.44 KB)