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(updated 08 09 17)



The front page story on the Sun Herald and the Sunday Age newspapers on 3rd September 2017 has exposed the rort that is taking place with the subclass 400 visa.


When the Federal Government changed the 457 visa scheme in April 2017 Ships Engineers were removed from the list of occupations that were open for temporary workers to come to Australia.

Now it has been revealed that the subclass 400 visa is being used by some Offshore vessel operators as a substitute for the 457 visa.

This can only be described as a sneaky and manipulative use of political power.

AIMPE will continue campaigning against this abuse of power. As we did with the 457 visa scam, AIMPE will use every avenue available to stop these visas being issued while there are unemployed AIMPE members ready willing and able to work on  these vessels.