The February MDM will be held on Tuesday 23rd. Members are encouraged to attend at all the usual venues... 

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Ministerial Determination overturns Senate Disallowance Motions, see the

Explanatory Memorandum here: ministerial_determination_re_offshore__17_07_14___f2014l01003es.pdf

Senate disallows Offshore Regulation, click here to open: Media Release - Senate disallows Offshore Resources Activity Regulation 2014 Media Release - Senate disallows Offshore Resources Activity Regulation 2014 (118.64 KB) 

For Class 3, MED and related issues; go to page "Marine Engineers' Qualifications & MO3" in the left panel or click here, login is required.

AIMPE Rules with amendments as approved by Council are available here:Rules as amended in 2013 Rules as amended in 2013 (495.66 KB):

The Federal Council ballot to approve these rule changes is available here: Federal Council decision on Rule changes 2013 Federal Council decision on Rule changes 2013 (109.16 KB):




The Red Ensign Campaign which AIMPE kicked off in July will continue even though there is a new minority Government in Canberra.

Both the ALP and the Coalition released policies before the election on 21st August indicating some support for Australian Shipping. Both parties made positive statements about tonnage tax and other aspects of shipping policy.

However we have heard promises before. The Red Ensign campaign will seek action from the Parliament, not more words.

In the next phase of the Red ensign Campaign AIMPE will be providing members with more bumper stickers – for your second car, for relatives or for friends [anyone who will support the campaign].

AIMPE will also provide all members of the 43rd Parliament with a copy of our recent submission on the re-writing of the Navigation Act. Reforms like tonnage tax and accelerated depreciation are very important to Rebuild Australian Shipping however without sound legislative reform such reforms will not produce enduring change.

Enduring change for the Australian maritime industry requires solid legal foundations. The Navigation Act 1912 does not provide the solid legal foundations necessary to Rebuild Australian Shipping.

The Navigation Act 1912 is a relic of the 19th century tailored to the needs of the British Empire.  Flags of Convenience did not exist when the Australian Government sent a delegation to London to obtain approval to implement the Navigation Act. The offshore oil and gas industry did not exist when the Navigation Act was legislated. Amendments intended to deal with the changing world have been quite inadequate.

The only solution is a completely new piece of legislation that delivers a comprehensive regulatory regime for Australia’s maritime domain – the Exclusive Economic Zone.

AIMPE will produce more postcards too – and we will ask members to send them in to Government members, independents Greens and Coalition members too because Rebuilding Australian Shipping is a task that deserves the support of all of the Members and Senators of the Australian Parliament. 



There is more material on the RED ENSIGN CAMPAIGN page and this will grow as the campaign unfolds. Members are invited and encouraged to use this material to raise debate and discussion everywhere.


Write to your local Federal MP – see the list on the RED ENSIGN CAMPAIGN page.

Write to your local newspaper.



 The Australian Transport Safety Bureau [ATSB] has a confidential incident reporting system known as REPCON. For more information click ATSB Reporting System ATSB Reporting System (117.01 KB)

You can go directly to the ATSB reporting site by clicking HERE 

New ruling on refrigeration & air conditioning licences for marine engineers....RAC Licence changes RAC Licence changes (12.60 KB)

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