New guide for installing AIMPE App

(uploaded on 15 03 19 )

The AIMPE App has been up an running for some time now. To make it clearer how members can install the App, Head Office Adminstrative Officer Carol Godfrey has produced a powerpoint slideshow giving a step by step display of how to do it. this is a very useful guide for any member who wants to have the App on their phone. The App allows members to have their membership card on the phone as well as giving access to the current edition of On Watch, the delegates handbook and more. 

The powerpoint presentation can be accessed here:

how_to_log_into_the_app_slide.ppsx how_to_log_into_the_app_slide.ppsx (1.50 MB Mon Aug 31 11:46:17 2020)

AIMPE App for your Smartphone

AIMPE Councillors have developed an AIMPE App for Members’ Smartphones or Mobile Devices. As it is a web-based App, it will also work on your laptop or PC/Apple workstation but, it is primarily designed to assist in the role of the Delegate and to engage you as a Member from the remoteness of your vessel.

It was borne of the need to print yet another Delegate’s Handbook, the ever-changing industrial laws rendering obsolete even the latest of editions. The latest version of the Delegate’s Handbook is now available any time as a PDF. Obviously, the App has enabled other features to be included.

No longer will members need to carry their Membership Card as it is readily available in its own section within the App. The traditional paper Membership Card will continue to be issued at this stage.

When conducting a Workplace Meeting of Members, Delegates can quickly ascertain who is eligible to attend that meeting. Non-financial or Ashore members can immediately bring their Membership Fees up to date online via the eWay payment facility and attend their AIMPE Members’ meeting.

All other previous fee payment options remain and are the preferred method as there is an extra cost for each payment made via eWay. Contact your Branch Secretary for more information.

The AIMPE App allows you to update your current details. Changes you make will generate a concealed email to AIMPE Head Office’s Carol Godfrey, who is responsible for maintaining our valuable database. Your updated information is entered during office hours. Please contact Carol at cgodfrey@aimpe.asn.auif you have any difficulty accessing the App.

Members will also be able photograph their important documents (e.g. Certificate of Competency, AMSA Medical, MSIC, Driver’s License, etc.) and upload them to their own private My Documents folder for easy access once in mobile or wi-fi range. They can only be accessed by you and nobody else. Importantly also, an automated reminder email is generated to advise you of the upcoming expiry dates of your essential marine certificates, timely enough for you to enrol in revalidation courses and medical examination appointments, to maintain validity of your qualifications.

There is an Active Role section that advises your AIMPE National Organisers of your Delegate status. You will also have the option to share your public email and/or phone number among other delegates. As the Delegate is an elected position, the process is subject to comply with our Rules and, as such, you will be prompted to confirm before sending that advice. This feature nudges your official who may contact you to confirm and advise your employer accordingly, keeping communications open between our National Organisers, Delegates and employers.

National Organisers have access to a list of all Delegates in all Sectors from all Branches, and can verify any member's Membership Status, from their own version of the App. The AIMPE website, including both the Members Area and the AIMPE App,is encrypted and secured with TLS. See for more information.

To keep within budgetary constraints, a Web-Based option was chosen as opposed to the more familiar App Store and Google Play formats (which would have to be built on separate platforms, each at a cost exceeding our budget).

More features will be enabled as the App is further developed. Watch for the upcoming Qualifications expiry remider and a free text field to add your other important qualifications not on the dropdown list.


The link to the App is

                Typing will also direct you to the secured site.

Username is your Email Address (as you originally supplied)

Password is your Membership Number

Your first login will also ask for a PIN of your own choosing.


Please note:

This is not a Native App but a Web-based App so there is nothing to install. However, members must create their own icon for their own device, instructions supplied below.

Changes you make to your information will be updated during office hours AEST.

Using the “Back” button on your device (Android, Apple, Laptop, PC, etc.) will replay each previous screen of your session. You must use the “Back” button within the App to navigate back up the menu.



The steps required to add the AIMPE App icon to your mobile device:


From Chrome (recommended)

Menu -> 'Add to home screen'

From FireFox

Menu -> Page -> 'Add to home screen'

For iOS 7 and 8

1.          Open up the Safari app on your iOS device.

2.         Navigate to which will be your shortcut's destination.

3.          Tap on the "Share" icon at the bottom. ...

4.          Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon.

5.          Give your Link Button a name; “AIMPE” is recommended.

6.          Tap on the word "Add" in the upper right-hand corner.