AIMPE is a trade union and is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

To download a copy of the registered AIMPE Rules click here:

AIMPE_Rules__as_at_03_12_14.pdf AIMPE_Rules__as_at_03_12_14.pdf (562.32 KB Thu Oct 19 09:19:37 2017)

AIMPE rule changes - special meeting

(updated 24 05 19)

The AIMPE Federal Councillors have approved changes to six of the rules of the AIMPE - now it is up to members to endorse the rule changes.

Special meetings will be held next Tuesday 28th May in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle at the usual Branch monthly meeting venues.

The meeting in Port Adelaide will be held on 30th May in conjunction with the monthly meeting previously advised to SA Branch members.

Some of the Rule changes are priority matters because AIMPE has been asked to address shortcomings by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Others have become necessary as some rules have simply become out of date.

Members are advised that the AIMPE Federal Councillors did not approve one of the proposed rule changes (Proposed Rule Change 2).

Here is the explanation that was provided to the Federal Councillors in March when they were given the required 2 months notice of the proposed changes:

Notice_of_proposed_Rule_changes_2019.pdf Notice_of_proposed_Rule_changes_2019.pdf (98.01 KB Fri May 24 09:58:24 2019)

The first rule change approved is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_1_re_33A_i_and_ii.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_1_re_33A_i_and_ii.pdf (81.11 KB Fri May 24 10:01:14 2019)

The second rule change approved by Federal Councillors is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_3_re_Rule_12.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_3_re_Rule_12.pdf (77.95 KB Fri May 24 10:02:05 2019)

The third rule change approved by Federal Councillors is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_4_re_Rule_9.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_4_re_Rule_9.pdf (78.19 KB Fri May 24 10:02:55 2019)

The fourth rule change approved by Federal Councillors is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_5_re_Rule_15.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_5_re_Rule_15.pdf (76.07 KB Fri May 24 10:03:52 2019)

The fifth rule change approved by Federal Councillors is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_6_re_Rule_30.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_6_re_Rule_30.pdf (75.24 KB Fri May 24 10:04:37 2019)

The sixth rule change approved by Federal Councillors is below:

Approved_RULE_CHANGE_7__re_Rule_40.pdf Approved_RULE_CHANGE_7__re_Rule_40.pdf (73.43 KB Fri May 24 10:06:03 2019)