Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Report a Marine accident or incident:

Aviation, Marine and Rail Accident and Incident Notifications

Telephone ATSB (toll-free, 24 hours): 1800 011 034.

Masters of Australian registered vessels, or of foreign flag vessels in Australian waters and other ‘responsible persons’ are obliged, under the Transport Safety Investigation Act and Regulations 2003, to report any accident (or ‘immediately reportable matter’) as soon as practicable to the ATSB, by the quickest means possible.

Recognising the practical difficulties of reporting to a number of separate authorities, the Regulations consider a report to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), or to AusSAR in Canberra, to be a report to the ATSB, although the ATSB is a separate organisation. On receipt of a report of an incident, ATSB staff, who are on 24 hour call, decide(s) what action will be taken.

REPCON Confidential Reporting:

REPCON voluntary confidential reporting scheme

Telephone report - 1800 020 505.

Or use the following form:

REPCON_Marine-FORM.pdf REPCON_Marine-FORM.pdf (1.11 MB)

REPCON Marine is a voluntary confidential reporting scheme for marine. REPCON allows any person who has a marine safety concern to confidentially report it to the ATSB. Protection of the reporter’s identity is a primary element of the scheme.

For more information on Repcon go to:

Note that REPCON is not an alternative to complying with obligations to report a Marine accident or incident under the

Transport Safety Investigation Regulations 2003