AMSA Website overhaul deletes all FACT-SHEETS

(update 15 09 20)

AIMPE members are alerted to the fact that AMSA has revamped its website to provide a more interactive ‘user-friendly’ experience for aspirant seafarers trying to obtain information about either Domestic or International qualifications.

Unfortunately, in the process AMSA has withdrawn all their previous ‘Fact-Sheets’ and they are no longer supported/ provided by AMSA. Members are having difficulty understanding their options as the interactive website does not present the same overview of options (in a printable form) that the PDF ‘Fact-Sheet’s provided.

Whilst we appreciate that much effort has been made to put useful explanation on the AMSA website it is spread over multiple cascading options drip-feeding a little information at a time, but importantly it is not downloadable and easily printable. Students and potential students need a printable document they can take away with them that sets out all their options, so they can discuss with others/family and easily understand/consider the variety of options.

Those seeking information on how to become a marine engineer need plain-English advice, that they can pore over, discuss with others to improve their understanding, before making career/life choices.

The electronic presentation of similar information on the AMSA website might work for all students if all students understood every definition and every option BEFORE they touched the screen to select one branch of the paths in front of them…..because as soon as they have selected one option then all the other options are no longer apparent to them…..if they selected incorrectly at the outset then they may never realise their misunderstanding of the definitions/options and they may come to the conclusion they cannot qualify.

And AMSA’s resort to “ Important disclaimers” just in case their more interactive website gets it wrong is no help at all as it proposes that potential students should go away and:-


Written by parliamentary draftspersons these Marine Orders are even more likely to create further confusion in the minds of those not used to interpreting such Regulations. But they ARE printable and therefore CAN be taken away for further study and discussion, so they can confuse their family with Regulations they don’t properly understand ….and this is to be the basis of their career/life choices?

AIMPE supports members in asking AMSA to please re-instate both STCW and DCV CoC FACT SHEETS as quickly as possible.

New Entrants

If you are interested in how to become a Marine Engineer click here:

A_career_as_a_Marine_Engineer_-_9_October_2017.pdf A career as a marine engineer

And you could end up here....... 

inspecting the main engine of a vessel like the Lowlands Brilliance

Revalidation Short Course Requirements


 Revalidation of a Certificate of Competency requires appropriate sea-service of:-

 a. 12 months in total during the preceding 5 years before application, or

b. 3 months in total during the preceding 6 months prior to revalidating,

or one of the alternative options set out in Schedule 4 of Marine Order 72 (Marine Engineers).

 However, even if meeting the above, you must in addition each time you Revalidate (i.e. at 5 yearly intervals)  provide evidence of the following:-

1)      Security Awareness (STCW Code A-VI/6-1), [AIMPE Note: if you have proof of completing this anytime previously you DO NOT have to do this again] and

2)      Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats (STCW Code A-VI/2-1), [AIMPE Note: if you have proof of completing this anytime previously you DO NOT have to do the full course again, but MUST do a Refresher Course] and

3)      Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW Code A-V1/3) [AIMPE Note: if you have proof of completing this anytime previously you DO NOT have to do the full course again, but MUST do a Refresher Course].

We understand that most colleges have arrangements to provide the Refresher Course for item 2) Survival & item 3) Advanced Fire in a combined 2-day course.

 As to members’ enquiries about continued validity of their Medical First Aid Certificate, the second column on page 3 of AMSA “Fact Sheet STCW-06” deals with this by advising as follows:-

Validity Period for First Aid, Medical First Aid, Medical Care certificates issued under STCW

There is no STCW requirement for revalidation of first

aid, medical first aid, and medical care certificates issued

under STCW. However Maritime Labour Convention 2006,

Regulation 4.1, Guideline B4.1 Medical care on board ship

and ashore states:

“3. Persons referred to in paragraph 1 of this guideline

and any such other seafarers as may be required by the

competent authority should undergo, at approximately

five-year intervals, refresher courses to enable them to

maintain and increase their knowledge and skills and to

keep up-to-date with new developments.”

In view of this Guideline, maritime shipping companies

should determine whether it is necessary to maintain

currency of their certificate.


But as you can see those quoted words are text from the MLC, NOT the STCW, so are not an STCW requirement and, so far, are not reflected in Marine Orders.


Accordingly the legal position is that your Medical First Aid Certificate, once achieved, remains valid.


I hope this assists members.


Henning Christiansen,

Director Professional Development,




Marine Orders Part 72

In 2012 AIMPE fought against a proposal to introduce a revised Marine Order Part 3 relating to Marine Qualifications.

AIMPE saw the proposal as a threat to the standards of Marine Engineer Qualifications. The draft MO3 would have removed vital pre-requisites, reduced the length of training dramatically and eliminated the important final standard assurance measure of the Oral examination.

AIMPE lobbied hard across the Federal Parliament - and remember in 2012 the Federal Government (ALP) was a minority government.

With support from key cross bench MPs AIMPE was believed the numbers were there to defeat the proposed MO3 on the floor of the House of Representatives. The government believed it too and they withdrew the proposed MO3.

Subsequently in 2013 AIMPE proposed a separate Marine Engineers Qualifications Bill - see below for details. Ultimately this was not passed by the Parliament.

However in 2014 a different proposal was brought forward by the new Federal Government (L-NP) which restored a separate Marine Order for Marine Engineer Qualifications. The new Marine Order 72 delivered what AIMPE had been fighting for - a separate regulation and it also maintained all of the key elements of the training requirements which AIMPE had argued remained vital. MO72 can be found at:

MO72-issue-140220Z.pdf MO72-issue-140220Z.pdf (107.15 KB)