Industry Sectors

Four of the main sectors of the maritime industry are:

          Offshore Oil & Gas




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The Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers is registered in or in connection with the maritime industry and power generation industry.  Without limiting the foregoing, the term maritime industry includes the following:


            Bulk Ships

            Tanker Ships

            Container Ships

            Roll-on/Roll-off Ships

            Passenger Ships

            Dredges (Self-Propelled and non Self-Propelled)

            Pilot Vessels

            Tug Boats

            Drill Ships (Self-Propelled)

            Support Vessels          

            Navigational Aids Vessels

            Self-Propelled Barges

            Small Ships

            Colliers Ships

            Research Vessels

            Floating Production Facilities (Self-Propelled)

            Ferries, Hydrofoils and Hovercraft

            General Cargo Ships

            Antarctic Vessels including icebreakers

            Survey Vessels

            Floating Hotel Installations

            Fishing Vessels

            Sundry Vessels

            Oil Rigs (Self-Propelled)